Family Medical Associates of Raleigh is pleased to announce our new Allergy Immunotherapy and Skin Testing services.

How an Allergy Test Can Help

Allergy skin testing is a simple, painless way to discover if you are suffering from allergies. Once allergies are identified by your doctor, you can start an effective treatment plan to reduce your symptoms.

Skin Allergy Testing: What Can I Expect?

If your doctor has recommended an allergy skin test, this is a safe and painless way to learn more about your allergies. The most important thing to remember before an allergy test is to STOP TAKING ANY ANTIHISTAMINES AT LEAST FIVE DAYS BEFORE YOUR TEST DATE.

Common Antihistamines

          Dimetapp                                                    Allegra

          Dramamine                                                 Benadryl

          Tylenol Cold & Flu                                      Zyrtec

          Claritin                                                        Phenergan



Once your allergy skin test is complete, your doctor will talk to you about the allergies you have and what is the best treatment to manage them. Immunotherapy is a series of shots that contain a small amount of allergen.

Immunotherapy can help eliminate the need to take medicine for allergy symptoms, stop your body from developing new allergies, and slow/stop the onset of asthma.